Bug Tag 2


Bug Tag 2, one of our newest Hard Tags, is specifically designed to protect six-sided boxed merchandise and electronics. The Bug Tag 2 attaches to the merchandise using an adhesive-backed, disposable sled. 

The Bug Tag’s alarming module attaches to the sled with a twist making it easy for associates to apply and remove, but the smooth, rounded module fits flush to the merchandise which increases the difficulty for thieves to pry off.

Using it as a ‚Äúline-alarm‚ÄĚ system combined with the specially designed Snare accessory can increase its versatility. Applications include protecting display tools, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, and handbags. Used with Snare, it can adapt to curved or straight surfaces and attach to other articles. Any attempts to cut the coiled cable or the CableLok's adjustable lanyard results in the Bug Tag 2 module alarm.

  • Available in 2 and 3 Alarm
  • 95 dBA alarm and flashing LED light
  • Compact design for improved merchandising
  • Reusable module
  • Disposable adhesive sled
  • Snare accessory for securing display merchandise
  • Quick and easy to apply and remove
  • Snare accessory for display merchandise protection

Additional Information:

Bug Tag 2 (PDF)

Hard Tag Infographic (PDF)

Bug Tag 2 Snare Instructions (Video)   


HT1471S32ALAM 10116734 2 ALARM BUG TAG 2 - AM 0.55" x 2.56" DIA*
HT1471S32ALRF 10116735 2 ALARM BUG TAG 2 - RF 0.55" x 2.56" DIA*
HT1471S33ALAM 10116736 3 ALARM BUG TAG 2 - AM 0.55" x 2.56" DIA*
HT1471S33ALRF 10116737 3 ALARM BUG TAG 2 - RF 0.55" x 2.56" DIA*
HT1471SLED 10116752 BUG TAG 2 SLED 0.10" x 2.40" DIA*
HT1471SLEDVHBAMND 10116753 BUG TAG 2 SLED VHB AMND 0.10" x 2.40" DIA*
HT1471SLEDHB 10137421 BUG TAG 2 SLED HB 0.10" x 2.40" DIA*
HT1510ADJCL7AM 10138123 BUG TAG 2 SNARE 7" LANYARD 60" CABLE - AM 0.6"H x 1.81"W x 1.61"D*
HT1510ADJCL7RF 10138083 BUG TAG 2 SNARE 7" LANYARD 60" CABLE - RF 0.6"H x 1.81"W x 1.61"D*
HT1510SLEDVHB 10138136 BUG TAG 2 SNARE SLED VHB 2.95" x 2.71" DIA*

* For metric sizes and carton quantity, see Additional Information located under the General tab.


  • Tablets
  • Sell-through packaged merchandise
  • Display merchandise


  • S3 HandKey
  • Multi-Detacher
  • Super XT Key