The cost of out-of-stocks is staggering – billions of dollars are lost annually when merchandise can’t be found on shelves. Profits and shopper experience suffer. With ShelfNet™, you will gain real-time access to actionable data and alerts that can help you deter theft, optimize inventory, improve on-shelf availability and increase sales.

Benefits of ShelfNet

  • Provides associates with notifications in real-time using the PA System and/or mobile alerts when an item facing is out of stock. These real-time alerts can indicate a theft event or prevent lost sales by communicating the need for quick restocking
  • Indicates true shelf activity with reports that help merchandising and CPGs measure product performance and optimize assortments
  • Confirms that items are actually on the shelf versus just on-hand somewhere in the store
  • Allows LP to quickly review videos when time-stamped shelf activity reports are used in conjunction with CCTV
  • Enhances customer experience through improved merchandise availability

With the real-time data supplied by ShelfNet, retailers can gain new insights into the availability of their merchandise and mitigate shrink from shoplifters and ORC. ShelfNet provides a picture of true demand, so retailers can stock the right products at the right time and keep valued customers coming back for the products they need and want.

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Additional Information:

ShelfNet (PDF)

ShelfNet (Video)