Keeping It Green

Checkpoint is committed to eliminating unnecessary packaging and reusing material to minimize waste. As an environmentally responsible company, we have initiated green programs globally as part of our continuing commitment to a better, cleaner world:

  • We‚Äôve eliminated the use of master packs or intermediate packaging in all processes, resulting in the elimination of tons of materials.
  • In the United States, we have eliminated the use of individual poly bags. We are currently working with our global manufacturers to do the same.
  • We use cardboard cartons from China made of biodegradable rice paper.
  • We are working with our U.S. cardboard providers to use renewable raw materials.
  • We have reduced our waste output by reusing packaging in all of our facilities.
  • We use recyclable polycarbonate to make Keepers.
  • We recycle all waste polycarbonate and corrugated materials in our manufacturing facilities.
  • We use recycled plastic in any available product.
  • We installed variable frequency drive (VFD) motors at our manufacturing plants to reduce the use of electricity.