StrapLok Helps Largest DIY Retailer in Benelux



The StrapLok solution is helping the largest DIY retailer in Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) to protect its high-end range of faucets and tools.

Praxis, part of the Maxeda retail group, operates a diverse range of outlets, including superstores and small high street stores, and has an online presence. In total, the company runs more than 370 stores, with chains such as Plan-it by Praxis and Formido in the Netherlands, and Brico and Plan-it in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The retailer sells a wide range of merchandise, including power tools and luxury bathroom faucets. Unfortunately, these desirable products are also very popular with shoplifters and susceptible to theft. As a result, Checkpoint conferred with managers at two of its stores ‚Äď Praxis Apeldoorn (franchiser) and Praxis Drunen (branch) ‚Äď to find out how they reduced shrink on two specific product categories.

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