New luxury protection created for the world’s best wines


Alpha-Steel-Grip-Bottle-Wrap-on-champagne-bottles-at-Hedonism-WineUK.jpgThe Alpha Steel Grip Bottle Wrap was chosen by Hedonism Wines, in Mayfair, London, UK, to protect their wine bottles, some costing up to £100,000. They wanted a special wrap designed to alarm whenever a bottle was taken past a security antenna, but unlike other solutions, the Steel Grip doesn’t conceal the top of the bottle, allowing customers to inspect the cork. Another important innovation developed by Alpha, the Steel Grip contains a rubber insert which prevents accidental damage to the bottles’ foil, saving the shop from replacement costs.

50,000 customized wraps were manufactured, with Hedonism’s logo and colors. Seven months after delivery, the shop has not seen a single theft.

The Hedonism Wines team stated: “We sell bottles whose labels were designed by Picasso and Chagall, so you can imagine how important merchandise aesthetics and appearance are to us. This meant the solution had to be perfect.”

Per Levin, President and CSO for Checkpoint’s Shrink Management and Merchandise Visibility Solutions said, “The aim was to create an innovative solution which was worthy of the premium merchandise Hedonism Wines offers. Retailers need new solutions to deter theft and ensure the merchandise is available for open display and to enhance the shopping experience. It’s even more critical at luxury stores where most of the merchandise requires a discreet but effective solution.”