Quality First


Canton_sign.JPGEach year, Quality magazine recognizes U.S. manufacturing companies that place a high priority on quality and provide examples of how they achieve these results. Alpha High Theft Solutions, a division of Checkpoint Systems, ranked 16 out of the top 100 “Quality Leadership” companies surveyed. A ranking based on criteria such as a contribution of quality to profitability, shareholder value, warranty replacement costs, and quality training programs. Cathy Rose, Alpha’s Manager of Quality Assurance, and her team lead this effort.

“True Quality is a cradle to grave philosophy with many steps in between. It takes the complete organization to pull this all together. I’m proud of the team alignment we have to design, manufacture, and deliver quality products to our global customers. This article is about the team success in pulling together process and procedures to ensure customer satisfaction. Congratulations to the team.” Gale Essick – Senior Director of Operations – Checkpoint /Alpha High Theft Solutions.

Alpha has been manufacturing in the U.S. for nearly forty years. Our 210,000-square-foot Canton, Ohio, manufacturing plant is strategically located in the Midwest, which allows for optimal delivery to our customers. Last year alone more than 18.5 million units were produced and shipped to some of the top retailers in the world.

There are many benefits to having full-line manufacturing in the U.S. By producing from to start to finish, Alpha is able to meet our customers’ needs with end-to-end manufacturing control ensuring the quality of our products. Other benefits include 99.9% shipping accuracy, quicker time to market updates and eco-friendly production.

Our commitment to continuing to produce a multitude of quality American-made solutions for our industry stems from our desire to have a positive impact on our economy in terms of growth, innovation, and domestic job creation.

 “The Alpha Team in Canton is the backbone of our business. They are a the most dedicated and proud group of men and women who strive to provide the best made and quality products to our customers. Our plant truly is a difference maker!”  Stuart Rosenthal – Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Checkpoint/Alpha High Theft Solutions.


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