Gen7 Hard Tags


Suitable for a diverse range of apparel merchandise, including underwear, shirts, dresses, coats and belts, the Gen7 HT range is specifically designed to protect high-theft items. The Gen7 features a new design that makes it quicker and easier to remove at POS for re-use, while its innovative locking mechanism means it’s incredibly difficult for shoplifters to open using tools.

The tags can be easily applied in-store, or through Checkpoint’s @Source programme, with the latter delivering enhanced inventory accuracy and visibility throughout the supply chain.

The mini Gen7 – RFID only - thanks to its lightweight design and small size, is ideal for intimates and delicate apparel items. The Dual Technology version is designed to work with RF or AM electronic article surveillance (EAS) antennas, and also supports RFID technology. This hard tag is the perfect solution for retailers that are investing in RFID technology while maintaining their existing EAS systems.

By using “RFID as EAS” the tags perform exceptionally well with superior detection in even a wide store door configuration.

Additional Information:

Gen7 Mini Hard Tag (PDF)

Gen7 Dual Technology Hard Tag (PDF)


10141983 Gen7 Dual Technology RF/RFID HT with Pin, Grey 2.48” L x 1.22” W x 0.63” H*
10144589 Gen7 Dual Technology AM/RFID HT with Pin, White 2.51” L x 1.24” W x 0.74” H*
9520831 Gen7 Mini RFID HT with Pin, Black 2.12” L x 1.24” W x 0.74” H*

* For metric sizes and carton quantity, see Additional Information located under the General tab.


  • Apparel merchandise
  • Delicates
  • Intimates
  • Belts


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