RFID Mini NeedleLok


The Mini NeedleLok Tag is now available in RFID, RFID/RF, and RFID/AM technology, allowing retailers the flexibility to use RFID as EAS or enhance their current EAS systems when implementing RFID into their stores.

RFID for both EAS & inventory management 

Available in RFID only, RFID/AM, RFID/RF

Encodable RFID inlay

Optional customizeable QR code 

Optional custom color

Single-piece tag with an integrated needle

Designed to reduce damage to garments vs. traditional pins

Quick and easy to apply or remove 

S3, Standard, Super, or Hyper Lock clutch strengths 

Unlocks with corresponding S3 HandKey, Multi-Detacher, Super S3 Key, or Hyper Detacher


RFID Mini NeedleLok (PDF) 





Swim wear

Athletic wear