The use of counterfeit, stolen or illegally acquired detachers is on the rise and they are being used to defeat “on-product” solutions leaving some retailers with the desire to have even stronger security. Checkpoint has designed a solution to the problem, giving you an innovative way to enhance your security and take it to a whole new level with S3vx.

These Keys include the S3x extra-strength magnet, but also have the ability to be programmed with a unique, store-specific code. That’s where the “v” comes in – the advanced encryption technology means the S3vx Key sends the “verification” code to the S3vx device to disarm the alarm, during which time the device can then be opened with the extra-strength S3x magnet. If the device is opened without first being disarmed by the verification code, the device will alarm for five minutes or until it receives a valid verification code.

  • S3vx devices will alarm unless disarmed and opened by the S3vx Key that has the same unique code.
  • If stolen, the S3vx verification code will be erased automatically to prevent use anywhere else.
  • In the case of a store closing or network breach, the S3vx Keys and S3vx devices can be reprogrammed with a new code.
  • Once programmed, the Key will retain the verification code unless the cord is cut or the key docking station is removed from the POS.
  • A stolen S3vx Key used to open an S3vx device in another store will result in an alarm.
  • S3vx Keys are backwards compatible and are able to open any current S3 solutions the retailer might have.

Additional Information:

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