Retail 4.0

Reduce your losses and increase sales through open merchandising, efficient out of stock recognition and in-store analytics. Checkpoint’s Shelf Alert and Peg Hook Alert give exact data on product removals and stock levels – in real-time.

The Shelf Alert system detects product movements and uses pattern-recognition algorithms to check all removals for unusual incidents. The system recognizes when a possible shoplifting or ORC sweep is occurring and sounds an alarm directly at the shelf. It also fits seamlessly into the existing security infrastructure. Multiple visual and remote alarm options are available that can easily be adapted to each store’s environment.

The Peg Hook Alert system allows retailers to openly display merchandise with confidence. Most shoplifters are risk-averse. Security measures that take longer to defeat and provide some visual or audible level of deterrent make it more likely that store associates will engage. This positive outcome may lead to an assisted sale to a genuine customer or deters possible theft directly at the display.