04-15-2024 For over fifty years, Checkpoint’s® Alpha® High-Theft Solutions has been one of the pioneers of the “open display” security philosophy. Globally, Checkpoint provides retailers with some of the most innovative and advanced anti-theft solutions for high-theft items. In an ever-changing world, Checkpoint strives to grow and adapt to those changes and help customers to do so through technological innovation.


As such, Checkpoint Systems is pleased to introduce Alpha High-Theft Solutions GPS Keepers® and Cablelok® security devices powered by Ensurity®. This undetectable GPS solution allows your asset protection team and law enforcement to track the movement and obtain the exact location of stolen assets when GPS enabled devices leave a store in a crime event.  


Alpha® GPS security devices are shipped directly to the store with a premade geofence and then activated. Customers can change their geofence in the online portal to fit their protection needs. The GPS devices can then be placed among standard Keepers or Cablelok security devices. The GPS devices will not false alarm when moving inside of the store and are removed at POS. When taken during a crime event, instant texts and emails are automatically sent, keeping personnel informed in real time.  One annual battery charge provides months of active tracking when merchandise is stolen.


We are excited to be partnering with Ensurity to bring Alpha GPS Keepers and Cablelok security devices to the retail market,” says Stuart Rosenthal, Global Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions. “For over 50 years, Alpha has been committed to bringing the most innovative solutions to the market and this is yet another example of our commitment to retail Loss Prevention, support the investigative efforts against retail theft, and our focus on providing investigative support and information on Organized Retail Crime.”


"I'm excited to announce Ensurity's partnership with Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in retail and supply chain security. Our collaboration provides unprecedented insight to retail investigators, tracking organized crime from stores to warehouses to kingpins' operations. By working with Checkpoint, retailers, and law enforcement, we aim to use our innovative technology to enhance public safety and reduce organized retail crime by dismantling criminal enterprises and delivering significant ROI for businesses," says Ryan Harris, CEO of Ensurity.


Please contact Checkpoint or your National Account Manager for more information.


About Checkpoint Systems


Checkpoint Systems, a division of CCL Industries, is a global leader in EAS, RFID, and loss prevention solutions. For over fifty years, we have worked with our customers to create innovative products and solutions. Our protection portfolio has been designed to bring uncompromising security, ease-of-use for store associates, and aesthetics that complement the merchandise it protects to the forefront- while maintaining an open display shopping experience.


About Ensurity


Ensurity revolutionizes security with cutting-edge covert GPS tracking solutions, empowering retailers, government agencies, and law enforcement. Their innovative technology protects lives, recovers assets, and reduces instances of crime, focusing on effectiveness, reliability and unparalleled customer support. Ensurity delivers high-quality security solutions that combat in-store and supply chain ORC, enhance investigations, and reduce losses. Ensurity is transforming safety and security through cost-effective innovation that's easy to use.