Multi-use Hard Tag

The Multi-Tag provides durable construction with a protective cushion that securely holds and protects hard-to-secure items.

For even stronger security, get the Multi-Tag with Alpha’s XT locking mechanism. The high integrity ball clutch is tough to defeat, designed to perform under the most extreme environments to ensure your merchandise is secure, and you achieve your loss prevention objectives.


·         Eyewear

·         Watches

·         Bracelets

·         Necklaces

·         Belts

·         Apparel


Order Code SAP# Description Dimensions
S3OPTTAGND 10009510 S3 MULTITAG SLTGRAY-AM-NO PIN 1.33"H x 1.24"W 0.77"D
S3OPTTAGRF 10009511 S3 MULTITAG SLTGRAY-RF-NO PIN 1.33"H x 1.24"W 0.77"D
S3OPTP 10009414 PIN S3 MULTI TAG SLT GRAY-SERRATED .33"H x 1.24"W 0.77"D


S3 Gray Pin - Serrated (S3OPTP)

S3 Gray Pin - Smooth (S3OPTPSMOOTH)

S3 HandKey


Super S3 Key