Exclusive DeArm Technology

The Alpha DeArm Mini Bug Tag offers a wide range of product protection applications with exclusive DeArm technology, providing an added layer of security, in a compact form. DeArm the tag with AM or RF deactivation prior to removal. No detacher needed!

Big technology, smaller tag.

Key Features

Quick and easy to use

Reusable Module

Easy tag removal at the point-of-sale

Attaches to a box with replaceable adhesive

Long-lasting lithium battery

Available in AM or RF

Available in 2 or 3 alarm



Any boxed merchandise

Attaches with a removeable and replaceable adhesive 


SAP Code Description Carton QTY
10154730 AEdge 2AL Mini Bug Tag-AM 25
10154642 AEdge 2AL Mini Bug Tag-RF 25
10154608 AEdge 2AL Mini Bug Tag-RF-WHT 25
10154610 AEdge Removable Pad ADH -100 100


Replaceable adhesive