Exclusive DeArm Technology

The Alpha DeArm CableLok® offers a wide range of product protection applications with exclusive DeArm technology, providing an added layer of security in a compact form. DeArm the tag with AM or RF deactivation prior to removal before detaching it.

Key Features

• DeArm technology for product protection

• Quick and easy to use

• Easy tag removal at the point-of-sale

• Long-lasting lithium battery

• Available in AM or RF

• Available in 2 alarm


Luxury handbags

High fashion apparel




Applicable packaged merchandise


SAP Code Description Carton QTY
10154711 AEdge 2AL CLK-SPR-4IN-AM 25
10154725 AEdge 2AL CLK-SPR-4IN-RF 25
10154727 AEdge 2AL CLK-SPR-48IN-RF 25