Solution for shady theft

OptiLok™ offers an improved and refined design to enhance the ease and speed of application/removal without any security compromises. It is based on a well-proven adjustable grip mechanism used in previous eyewear tags, but with an ingenious locking mechanism allowing easier application and removal. The locking mechanism is compatible with Alpha’s traditional S3 Key.


·         Prescription eyeglasses

·         Sunglasses


Order Code SAP# Description Dimensions
HT1435BLKSMAM 10140808 OPTILOK TAG-BLACK-SMALL-AM-S3 1.13"H x 2.06"W x 1.19"D
HT1435BLKSMRF 10140809 OPTILOK TAG-BLACK-SMALL-RF-S3 1.13"H x 2.06"W x 1.19"D
HT1435BLKLGAM 10140810 OPTILOK TAG-BLACK-LARGE-AM-S3 1.13"H x 2.06"W x 1.19"D
HT1435BLKLGAM-125CNT 10146557 OPTILOK TAG-BLACK-LARGE-AM-S3-125CNT 1.13"H x 2.06"W x 1.19"D
HT1435BLKLGRF 10140811 OPTILOK TAG-BLACK-LARGE-RF-S3 1.13"H x 2.06"W x 1.19"D
HT1435BLKXDAM 10140812 OPTILOK TAG-BLACK-XTRADEPTH-AM-S3 1.25"H x 2.06"W x 1.19"D
HT1435BLKXDRF 10140813 OPTILOK TAG-BLACK-XTRADEPTH-RF-S3 1.25"H x 2.06"W x 1.19"D