Introducing ShrinkShelf™

Mar 15, 2023 -- Posted by : Jessica

ShrinkShelf is a display solution that enhances your product presentation, while reducing theft with anti-sweep technology, by Checkpoint Systems Alpha High-Theft Solutions.

Our Design is based on the concept of sell more lose less, enabling retailers to deliver a superior customer experience and defend their bottom line. This revolutionary shelf management system will deliver planogram perfection.

The open display design allows for consumers to continue to purchase shelf-based items with ease. Restocking product is fast and simple. The pull-out drawer promotes restocking from the back, thus reducing labor costs, allowing employees to spend more time with customers. ShrinkShelf allows products to easily be displayed in Alpha’s best in class Keepers™!

This easy to use, easy to install solution is customizable with variable size hoods, education bar, and LED lights to fit your needs. In fact, ShrinkShelf can increase shelf selling space by 20% to 30%.


ShrinkShelf features:

1.      Customizable Shelf tray, dividers, security hoods, and pusher sizes to enhance your planogram designs

2.      High quality, long life, metal components

3.      Easy stock replenishment via pull-out drawer system

4.      Compatible with existing store fixturing

5.      Anti-Sweep feature allows for more open sell


ShrinkShelf provides a competitive advantage to retailers by:

·         Reducing out of stocks

·         Reducing shrinkage (theft and sweeps)

·         Increasing sales

·         Increasing selling space

·         Improving planogram compliance

·         Product display flexibility

·         Compatibility with Alpha Product Protection devices such as Keepers

·         Stock expiration/rotation control

·         Easy to install, use, and employee friendly


ShrinkShelf- from product protection to planogram perfection! 



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