Provides freedom of placement

The Mini NeedleLok's small and lightweight design is suitable for protecting items such as fine fabrics, undergarments, athletic wear and more. The Mini NeedleLok Tag uses a sharp retracting needle that does not leave behind a visible mark after being removed. The retractable needle also protects the user to avoid any injury during use.


·         Fine apparel

·         Intimates

·         Light and thin fabric garments

·         Swim wear

·         Athletic wear


Order Code SAP# Description Dimensions
HT1550-MINI-YEL-S3-AM 10155140 MINI NEEDLELOK-YELLOW-S3-AM 2.06"H x 0.69"W x 1.25D"
HT1550-MINI-BLK-S3-AM 10141560 MINI NEEDLELOK-BLACK-S3-AM 2.06"H x 0.69"W x 1.25D"
HT1550-MINI-BLK-S3-RF 10141561 MINI NEEDLELOK-BLACK-S3-RF 2.06"H x 0.69"W x 1.25D"
HT1550-MINI-BLK-STD-AM 10141562 MINI NEEDLELOK-BLACK-STDLK-AM 2.06"H x 0.69"W x 1.25D"
HT1550-MINI-BLK-STD-RF 10141563 MINI NEEDLELOK-BLACK-STDLK-RF 2.06"H x 0.69"W x 1.25D"
HT1550-MINI-BLK-SPR-AM 10141564 MINI NEEDLELOK-BLACK-SPRLK-AM 2.06"H x 0.69"W x 1.25D"
HT1550-MINI-BLK-SPR-RF 10141565 MINI NEEDLELOK-BLACK-SPRLK-RF 2.06"H x 0.69"W x 1.25D"
HT1550-MINI-HYPER-AM-100CT 10148317 MINI NEEDLELOK-HYPERLOK-AM-100CT 2.06"H x 0.69"W x 1.25D"