The strongest prescription to cure any shrink problems

The Rx Cap provides the highest level of protection for both controlled and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and supplements. The prominent cap offers a strong visual deterrent and the innovative design provides robust security.


High-risk pharmaceuticals

Over-the-counter medications

Dietary supplements


Prescription bottles

Motor oil bottles

Baseball bats

Key Features

• Strong, 7x7 aircraft cable cinches tightly to create a secure fit

• Small and large options cover more than 90% of bottles found in the market



Order Codes SAP# Description Dimensions
S3RXCSND 10033776 1AL RX Cap SM-AM 1.96"H x 2.67"W x 2.67"D
S3RXCSRF 10033777 1AL RX Cap SM-RF 1.96"H x 2.67"W x 2.67"D
S3RXCLND 10101068 1AL RX Cap LG-AM 1.96"H x 2.96"W x 2.96"D
S3RXCLRF 10033860 1AL RX Cap LG-RF 1.96"H x 2.96"W x 2.96"D