Revolutionary Display System


Alpha Zone is a new High-Theft System that enables retailers to protect their high value products in real timeby monitoring their position and movement.

This revolutionary display system will also improve customer experience as customers will be able to interact better with the product in an open display environment.

Key Features

Zonal monitoring solution for products

Simple to use but highly effective

Alarms on product when taken outside of zone

Alarm cancels on re-entry to zone

Includes remote extender Alarm Box that sounds a loud separate alarm (customer toilets etc) if tag is heard alarming

No software involved

Daily security code reset of remote handset for activation/deactivation

Simple, easy, effective


Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 10.33.37 AM.png


How does Alpha Zone typically operate?

A protected area in the store has a Hub antenna mounted above the area, and products are fitted with either surface tags or cable lock devices. Once a protected product moves out of the display area, the tag will alarm via a built-in audio sounder. If the protected product is taken back into the area, the tag will stop alarming automatically.


How large is the area I can protect with Alpha Zone?

A single antenna will typically cover a range of up to 1m to 10m radius from the hub antenna. This can be tuned to cover smaller areas, and hubs can be combined to cover larger areas. Multiple hubs can be used in a store environment.


Will Alpha Zone impact the use of RF and AM EAS systems or RFID tagging solutions?

No, there is no impact on any existing RF/AM or RFID systems used in store.


Can the protection area be expanded at a later stage – can we add more hubs atennas?

Yes, you can add more hubs to extend the area of coverage.