Take a swing at theft

The O-Tag provides protection for uniquely-shaped merchandise while allowing safe customer interaction. It’s perfect for golf clubs, baseball bats, corded electronics and much more. Its one-piece design provides ease of application and removal at checkout.


Small O-Tag:

·         Golf clubs

·         Fishing rods

·         Electrical cords

Large O-Tag:

·         Baseball bats


Order Code SAP# Description Dimensions
S3GBGCT73ZNDL 10102263 O-TAG - SMALL (3/8") - AM 2.30"L x 1.40"W x 1.06"D
S3GBGCT73ZRFL 10102264 O-TAG - SMALL (3/8") - RF 2.30"L x 1.40"W x 1.06"D
S3BT73ZNDL 9183104 O-TAG - LARGE (1") - AM 2.93"L x 2.23"W x 1.56"D
S3BT73ZRFL 10005494 O-TAG - LARGE (1") - RF 2.93"L x 2.23"W x 1.56"D