CableLoks are reusable and completely portable, permitting open merchandising and free movement in the store which, in turn, minimizes sales assistance. 

• 7x7 strand aircraft grade coaxial cable 

• 95 dBA alarm 

• 2 alarm 

• Flashing LED light 

• Isolated sound chamber 

• Easy to apply and remove 

• Tough, secure and reusable 

• Battery powered RFID chip provides a stronger transmission and helps prevent body shadowing 


6” CableLok: Luxury handbags, backpacks, luggage, camera bags, briefcases, sports equipment, power tools, grills 

48” CableLok: Coats, furs, dresses, men’s and women’s suits 


SAP Description EXT Dimensions Carton QTY
10115391 2 Alarm CableLok RFID - 6” Lanyard (15.24 cm) 3.53”L x 1.62”W x 0.74”D 25
10115392 2 Alarm CableLok RFID - 48” Lanyard (121.92 cm) 3.53”L x 1.62”W x 0.74”D 25