Simple technology solving complex problems.

More than 90% of Americans use smartphones to interface with all aspects of life; why not use a smartphone for seamless access, too? That’s Good2Go.

Good2Go is the long-overdue solution for how businesses secure their restrooms, fitting rooms, and locked merchandise. Its self-service functionality gives customers seamless access while creating a digital footprint that deters bad actors from targeting these areas. Once installed, businesses see an immediate improvement in safety, job satisfaction, and customer experience.

Good for customers.

There’s no app to download. Customers use their smartphones to scan the QR code directly outside the door. They immediately receive a mobile pass on their phone, which they display to the scanner, and the door opens automatically and seamlessly. Touchless to enter, and just wave to exit. 

Try it. Scan the QR code for a demo.


Good2Go software automatically operates doors while our virtual queue capability eliminates long lines, allowing customers to shop while waiting their turn. With the valuable data Good2Go provides, businesses can analyze usage to schedule maintenance and predict supply needs.


Putting Good2Go to work for your business is simple. There’s no network required. We deploy off the shelf hardware and our authorized installers take just one day to get Good2Go up and running. Securing high-risk areas has never been easier.


Good2Go pays for itself. There’s a one-time installation fee and a modest monthly subscription. But when you consider the cost of a single hazmat incident or the loss of a good customer — it’s a small price to pay. 

Empower your retail organization with a low cost, easy to use, and quick to deploy technology.