LPRC IMPACT is a two-day event designed to help participants better understand how they can use research approaches to help reduce crime and loss and increase sales. As a Research Partner for the conference, Checkpoint will be demonstrating the following loss prevention solutions for product protection:

ShoeLok™ offers small size with big protection on shoes where traditional protection devices don’t work. Our unique design allows for easy application, easy removal at POS, and does not inhibit customer try-on — all without damage to the shoe.

S3vx is the key to advanced product protection. Our unique S3Vx platform associates the store to the key and the key to the security device. S3Vx solutions stop defeats in its tracks. This innovative and cost-effective platform takes your product protection program to a whole new level.

As CBD products are becoming increasingly popular, retailers are relying on Checkpoint’s proven solutions to increase sales, reduce theft, and increase profitability. Our solutions include customizable Keepers and RF labels that enhance product presentations allowing retailers to confidently open-sell more products.

OptiLok™ provides durable construction with protective rubber pads that securely hold and protect more than 95 percent of eyewear frames. It is based on a well-proven adjustable grip mechanism used in previous eyewear tags, but now with an ingenious locking mechanism.

Mini NeedleLok™ protects delicate fabric clothing, such as intimates as well as light and thin fabric garments, where a normal hard-tag and pin would leave a damaging hole in the merchandise. As a single-piece solution, the NeedleLok improves the overall safety by covering the needle when not in use.

Sleek, unobtrusive designs that enhance merchandising, a quick ROI and high-quality manufacturing are just a few reasons Alpha solutions have been game-changers in the Loss Prevention industry for almost 50 years.

We welcome the opportunity to help you with your greatest challenges.