Choose the Right Solutions

Alpha offers a wide range of alarm options and clutch strengths to meet your high-theft needs. You determine the level of security you need based on your level of risk.

Choosing Your Alarm Options:

  • 1 Alarm: Our 1 Alarm solutions are designed to activate the EAS gates if a breach occurs. They feature ferrite coils for effective detection rates by your entry protection system.
  • 2 Alarm: In addition to the ferrite coils for entryway detection, our 2 Alarm products have the added measure of security of an alarming anti-tamper feature. The alarm is triggered when the merchandise is tampered with anywhere in the store.
  • 3 Alarm: Our 3 Alarm® products boast the benefits of both 1 and 2 Alarm with an additional feature that detects the entry protection system and self-alarms when in the proximity of the gates, making the identification of the shopper passing through the entryway foolproof for maximum security. The decibel level is often enough to cause the would-be thief to drop the item and flee.

Choosing Your Clutch Strengths:

  • S3 Clutch: Our "one-key solution" line of products was created with a reliable clutch strength and unique magnetic array specific to Checkpoint's line of merchandise. You can "Show, Secure, and Sell" with confidence.
  • Standard Lock Clutch: With the inclusion of Checkpoint's line of hard tags, the Standard Lock line of hard tags joined the family and the S3 Multi-Detacher was born; able to remove all Standard Lock tags as well as the full S3 line for increased security where you need it while still providing a one-key solution.
  • Super XT or Super Lock Clutch: XT Technology was designed with a high integrity ball clutch that is toughest to defeat. This extra strong line of solutions will perform under the most extreme conditions where more security is needed. In keeping with our "one-key solution," the Super XT Key unlocks our full range of products from S3 to Standard Lock to XT and Super Lock.
  • S3x: The “x” stands for the extra-strength magnets inside the Key that give S3x greater mechanical integrity. Using the S3x Key with the newer portfolio of S3vx devices, adds a higher level of protection making it more difficult to defeat and steal.
  • S3vx: The S3vx Keys include the extra strength magnet, but also have the ability to be programmed with a unique, store-specific code. That’s where the “v” comes in – the advanced encryption technology means the S3vx Key has to send the “verification” code to the S3vx device to disarm the alarm, during which time the device can then be opened with the extra-strength S3x magnet. If the device is being opened without first being disarmed by the verification code, the device will alarm for five minutes or until it receives a valid verification code.

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